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Finally: The first energy saving pool!

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Save energy, save water, save water treatment agents, reduce operating costs. The call for these subjects has been growing steadily among customers.

It is therefore hardly surprising that the German bsw association has developed an energy guide and that the industrial development departments are working intensely on suitable offers. The first complete solution has been developed in the German state of Hesse – the dinotec low energy pool reduces the operating expenses by up to 75%.

For the complete press release and all up-to-date information about this concept, go to www.niedrig-energie-pool.de

EU-Biozidverordnung - dinotec Elektrolyse mit Marathon Technologie

EU Biocidal Product Regulation

With dinotec electrolysers you are on the safe side!

The new EU Biocidal Product Regulation has caused considerable uncertainty in the entire swimming...

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Adapted to your individual situation, the pool wizard will find the right technology for your pool or whirlpool. This includes the measurement, control and dosing equipment, appropriate filters and suitable floor cleaners.
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