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EU-Biozidverordnung - dinotec Elektrolyse mit Marathon Technologie

EU Biocidal Product Regulation

With dinotec electrolysers you are on the safe side!

The new EU Biocidal Product Regulation has caused considerable uncertainty in the entire swimming pool market in recent months. Should I invest in new electrolysis technology? Can I continue to use...



AZTECK setup in 60 seconds - the fast track to your private pool.

Politikertreffen bei dinotec

Politicians meeting at dinotec

Gathering at dinotec.

On 09.02.2015, Member of the European Parliament Thomas Mann and Member of the German Bundestag Dr. Katja Leikert listened first hand to the problems arising from the new Biocidal Product Regulation that many companies, municipalities and private persons are faced with.

The bsw with Dieter Rangol, U. Wanschura, and A. Reuss (Ospa) as well as Mr. Grass, Chief Executive of figawa, and R. Ziegler and A. Schmidt, Managing Directors of dinotec GmbH, reported about...

Gutachten/Zeugnis Gesundheitsamt Wasserwerk Losnica

Top drinking water due to chlorine produced by VoDes electrolysers

The document shows the result of an analysis made by the Serbian Health Office in Vojwodina

Drinking water that has been disinfected with sodium hypochlorite produced by a VoDes electrolyser is clean. Within the indicated times, no bactericidal or fungicidal effect was detected in the...

Die neuen Eigentümer von dinotec: Ralph Ziegler, Cedrik Mayer-Klenk und Andreas Schmidt (v.l.n.r.).

Chemoform AG now holding a significant participation in dinotec

dinotec GmbH has new owners: The well-known management team of the company, Ralph Ziegler (left) and Andreas Schmidt (right), together with Chemoform AG (picture: CEO Cedrik Mayer-Klenk), are the new owners of the company.

dinotec GmbH is one of the leading suppliers of processes and systems for water treatment and disinfection. With the first low-energy pool system, the company has made its mark in the industry....

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With dinotec electrolysers you are on the safe side!


AZTECK setup in 60 seconds - the fast track to your private pool.