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EU Biocidal Product Regulation: With dinotec electrolysers you are on the safe side!

The new EU Biocidal Product Regulation has caused considerable uncertainty in the entire swimming pool market in recent months. Should I invest in new electrolysis technology? Can I continue to use my existing system? Good news for dinotec customers: Yes!

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Ordering water care products? That's a thing of the past…

…from now on, this job is handled by the dinotecNET+ pool and spa management system from dinotec. On request also automatically directly from the respective dealer.

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The future has started! Electrolysis with marathon technology

dinotec GmbH is opening a new chapter in electrolysis technology. By means of marathon technology, which has been filed for patent application, membrane cell systems become even more efficient with a considerably longer service life of the cell packages.

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Water & Energy Darmstadt on June 19th, 2012 - Forum for Water Hygiene and Energy Efficiency

dinotec Water Technology, the competent address when it comes to the ​​disinfection of drinking and process water, presented itself at the Forum for Water Hygiene in Darmstadt to interested visitors.

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Intelligence makes the difference.

Whatever way one looks at it, the fact remains that good energy-saving pool systems are distinguished from second-rate systems by the control system. The times when all that was required was measurement, control and metering are long gone. All-in-one solutions for swimming pools are controled by modern pool management systems. The entire system is under your control. The built-in intelligence ensures enormous cost savings.

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With dinotec electrolysers you are on the safe side!


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