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dinotec & Chemoform: Fit for the future

Conclusion after one year of cooperation. The makers are satisfied and ready for the future.

Chemoform AG acquired a significant share in dinotec GmbH last year. The integration process is now well underway. The press talked about this with Cedrik Mayer-Klenk, CEO of Chemoform AG, and the...

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Our most important asset

The German Drinking Water Regulations provide clear regulations that there is an obligation to use chemical disinfectants when the microbiological requirements can not be safeguarded in other ways.

Two-thirds of the surface of our planet is covered with water. More than 97% of the global water resources consist of salt water and only about 3% is fresh water. For a sustainable use of water, it...

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It's all in the name

Nowadays, conscious pool owners do not place the main emphasis on initial investment and comfort alone, but also focus on follow-up costs. In particular, an energy efficient, environmentally friendly operation of the swimming pool is closely examined. Many manufacturers have taken this development into account already. This is clearly reflected in their new product developments. More efficient heat pumps, power-controlled pool water circulation pumps, powerful yet energy-efficient LED lighting, more efficient filter media and alternative building materials. Andreas Schmidt of dinotec explains how an energy efficient and economical pool design can be achieved.

So how do you arrive at the right and, above all, compatible, cost-optimized technical concept in this dense jungle of technology, ideas and manufacturers? Which solution can in addition meet...

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It's all in the name

Rainer Fröhlich - Motto: The name says it all. dinotec says goodbye to its employee at the end of the year. R. Fröhlich has had a great influence on the company's image, in particular on many export markets. In an interview with Schwimmbad & Sauna, Fröhlich took a very personal look at 16 years with the company.

With the "interbad", the trade fair taking place in Stuttgart from October 9th to 12th, Rainer Fröhlich closes a circle. "In 1996, the interbad was the first fair in service of dinotec - and it will...

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Efficient service

The number of automatic pool cleaners in the market can be confusing. What should a customer pay attention to when buying a cleaner? What are the important criteria? Here are some tips.

The device should primarily be adapted to the requirements of the pool owner, and of course, the pool. Frank Törner, product manager at dinotec, points out, "A comprehensive range like the AquaCat...

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