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Chlorine gas technology is used for disinfection of pool water in large public swimming pools. dinotec Servodos systems, designed according to the vacuum process to DIN 19606,meet the highest safety standards. The modular program offers plain manual systems up to fully automated systems. dinotec chlorine gas systems - a convincing technology:

  • Maximum safety with vacuum control
  • Without the use of chlorine carrier substances (i.e. 100% chlorine)
  • Easy operation
  • Optimised construction costs due to modular design
  • Precise dosing technology
  • Low installation costs
  • Easy-to-service assembly groups
  • Manual or fully automatic systems
  • Fulfills the DIN requirements
  • Consulting, planning, project development by dinotec
  • Maintenance according to GUV (accident prevention regulation) by dinotec

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With dinotec electrolysers you are on the safe side!


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