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dinotecNET+ systems for management of your entire pool and spa area. Starting from water treatment systems via the entire pool technology up to peripheral systems like air-conditioners or lighting. Information and system messages are clearly displayed on a colour touch screen. Based on the latest bus technology, the dinotecNET+ will simply grow with your demand, independent of whether the pool concerned is a public or private one. Complex planning and installation works are a thing of the past. The dinotecNET+ system is freely scalable and is tailored to your requirements. Whether adventure pool, hotel or private pool, dinotecNET+ has your entire system under control. dinotecNET+ ready is preconfigured and designed specifically for the control of water treatment processes. The system can be used for control of one or two circulations with up to approx. 150 m³ and is suitable for both private and public pools. A click provides an overview of all advantages - plain and easy to understand.


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Broschüre dinotecNET+
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Broschüre dinotecNET+ ready
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With dinotec electrolysers you are on the safe side!


AZTECK setup in 60 seconds - the fast track to your private pool.