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Disinfection with salt

An electrochlorination system allows you to produce your own disinfection solution.Common salt, water and electricity are used to locally produce a highly effective, fresh disinfection solution for water care. Electrochlorination has long been standard in the professional area, and nowadays an ever increasing number of private users are also convinced of the many benefits:

  • Reduced overall costs for water treatment
  • Disinfection solution is available at any time
  • Disinfection solution is available in sufficient quantities, also during peak demand times
  • Longer times of absence can be bridged without any problems
  • High effectiveness
  • Top water quality
  • Reduced ongoing operating expenses
  • Less time and effort required for pool care
  • No handling of containers and hazardous substances
  • Reduced storage requirements
  • Minimum packaging waste


Explained in simple terms

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Broschüre Elektrolysetechnik
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Broschüre VoDes BlueWave
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