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PC DYNAMICS free chlorine/pH

PC DYNAMICS free chlorine/pH with 2 dinodos START

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AquaCat PRO with radio remote control

AquaCat PRO with radio remote control Fully automatic cleaning robot incl. transport trolley, 30 m cable,

AquaCat PRO - the powerhouse

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didinotechlor 90 Multi TAB 1 kg

didinotechlor 90 Multi TAB 1 kg For disinfection, prevention of algae growth, flocculation and pH stability.

Slowly dissolving chlorine tablets, including flocculation and algae prevention, used in swimming pool water treatment.

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Электролизная установка MZE 1500

Электролизная установка MZE 1500 рамной конструкции, с пультом управления и электрошкафом

Divided-cell electrolysis system with Marathon technology in compact design for producing a low chloride, highly active fresh disinfection solution based on hypochlorite. Five-year warranty in connection with a maintenance contract.

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Filter tank "Public" 1800 GRP

Filter tank "Public" 1800 GRP with inspection window

High-capacity filter tank with nozzle plate for a professional, commercial use.

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