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PC DYNAMICS free chlorine/redox/pH

PC DYNAMICS free chlorine/redox/pH with 2 dinodos EASY

Article no. 0133-070-90

Microprocessor-controlled measuring and control device, optionally for redox / pH or Poolcare (time-controlled) / pH, in splash-proof plastic housing, wired ready for connection 230 V/50 Hz. Display of measuring values on backlit graphical display with alphanumeric characters. Menu navigation via plain text display with selection of the appropriate language. Operating status, warning and alarm messages in plain text via the status bar on the display.
Compact measuring and control device for the measuring options:
-redox, pH, temperature and sample water deficiency Poolcare (time-controlled), pH, temperature and sample water deficiency
Free switching between measurement options.
By an additional installation of a „potentiostatic measuring board for the Poolcontrol DYNAMICS," it is possible to integrate further measuring options.
Characteristics of the system unit (in wall mounting case) for disinfection and dosing equipment: Microprocessor-controlled measuring and control device IP 65 Clear graphics display Logical menu structure for an easy adjustment of set points, limit values and parameters Configuration menu for selection of measurement technology and other functions Password protection to prevent unauthorised operation Multilingual system / language selection Measuring input for measurement of redox Measuring input for measurement of pH Measuring input temperature measurement Integrated standard controls for disinfection, pH correction pH reduce and pH raise can be connected simultaneously Control of pH raise or flocculant dosing optional Automatic switch-on delay Sample water control Dosing time control Empty warning contact for container fill level Integrated alarm relay Interfaces for connection to dinowin and dinotecNET+ Analog output for output of hygiene parameters
Measuring cell P304
Closed, pressure-proof compact measuring cell made of transparent plastic on white PVD plate, for a potentiostatic measurement of free chlorine / Poolcare as well as pH, redox, temperature and sample water monitoring. The measuring cell contains the pre-mounted counter-electrode for potentiostatic measurement methods. The measuring water supply can be controlled via a ball valve and bypass. Integrated flow control monitoring module for connection to the measuring device. Screw connection for temperature sensor PT1000. Return of the sample water into the water circulation is planned.
Fibre filter
Fiber filter ¾" with screening pipe for retaining impurities in the sample water to prevent entry in the measuring cell. Fiber filter including screw connections for sample water pipes and securing clamps for mounting on a plate.
Measurement accessories
Measuring accessories for measurement of the parameters chlorine, redox and pH.
This includes:
1x potentiostatic probe for free chlorine
1x redox probe without reference system
1x pH probe
1 x cleaning material liquid
1 x special cleaning paste
1 x calibration solution pH 4.0 - 50 ml
1 x calibration solution pH 7.0 - 50 ml
dinodos START pump
Microprocessor-controlled peristaltic dosage pump for an automatic addition of any kind of liquid media, even minimum quantities. With stepper motor and continuously variable digital speed control. Continuous operation with an applied mains voltage of 230V. Activation by the press of a key, switching contact (ON/OFF), current (0 (4)-20 mA, ascending or descending linearly) and frequency control The pump offers a wide-ranging capacity from 45 ml/h up to 9.0 l/h at a maximum counter pressure of 1.5 bar. The delivery rate is infinitely variable via the control or the two potentiometers on the pump. With integrated dosage pump hose (d 8 mm) and hose connector (4/6 mm). Input for empty signal containers and failure output are available, a broken pipe is detected automatically. The pump is safe for continuous operation and features a thermal protection. It can be easily ventilated by the touch of a button and can dose at 100 percent capacity for a minute also by pressing a button. The operating conditions are signalled via LEDs.
TD Dynamics single device
Technical data
System housing:Plastic housing, protection class: IP 65
Dimensions system housing:260 x 260 x 85 mm (w x h x d)
Weight:approx. 1.5 kg
Mains voltage: 115 / 230 V/AC, 48-63 Hz
Power consumption: 10 VA (w/o dosing equipment)
Display: via large graphical display 100 x 30 mm
Operation:Plain text menu with keys
Language:Language selection
Operating temperature: 5 to +40 °C
Storage temperature: - 20 to + 65 °C
Rel. humidity: max. 90 % at 40 C°, non-condensing
Safety management:- Input dosing stop (e.g. flow sensor) - Monitoring of sample water flow - Common alarm / alarm relay - Alarm message in display as plain text - Flashing display illumination for signalling an alarm condition - Dosing time control
RS 485:for linking to dinowin / Profibus Gateway / etc.
dinotecNET+:for connection to dinotecNET+ as field device
Redox measuring amplifier
Measuring range: -1500 mV to +1500 mV
Resolution: 1 mV
Ambient temperature influence: 50 ppm/K (12 mV)
Reference temperature: 23 °C
Input resistance: > 1012 ohm
Redox measurement:via combination electrode without reference system
Calibration:not required
pH measuring amplifier
Measuring range: -1500 mV to +1500 mV
Resolution: 0.01 pH or 1 mV
Ambient temperature influence: 50 ppm/K (12 mV)
Reference temperature: 23 °C
Input resistance: 1012 ohm
Calibration pH:optionally one-point or two-point calibration
Electrode check:automatically after calibration
Temperature compensation
of pH value:automatic with PT1000 or manual adjustment
Temperature input for measuring sensor: PT1000
Measuring range: 0 to +60 °C (+/-1%)
Inputs/outputs, control response
Type of control:P, PI, or PID control optionally
Control: optionally 1-step or 2-step controller
Binary outputs:4 potential-free output relays for chlorine, pH reduce and pH raise (pulse length, pulse frequency (On/Off), alarm.
Alternative to pH raise:Flocculant dosing On/Off/
Maximum contact load
(230V AC):370 W (inductive), 500 W (Ohm resistive load)
Max. switching current:30V/10A, 115V/0.3A, 230V/0.12A
Digital inputs:Empty warning chlorine, pH reduce, dosing stop
Analog output: 0(4) - 20 mA for individual measuring values (optional)
Cable cross section
terminal:0.5 - 2.5 mm²
Measuring cell P304
Technical data
Threaded connection for measuring probes: PG 13.5
Threaded connection for PT 1000: R ¼"
Flow monitoring module: Reed contact with 2-wire cable connection
Min. initial pressure: 0.1 bar
Max. counter pressure: 1 bar
Sample water demand: 120 l/h
Connection supply and drain: PVC hose 6/8 mm
Material: Acrylic glass, clear, with wall mount
Dimensions: 80 x 310 x 82 (wxhxd)
Fibre filter
Technical data
Connections fiber filter: Internal thread ¾"
Screening pipe - material: Nylon in plastic cage
Mesh size of screening pipe: 0.5 mm
screw connections:PVC hose 8/6 mm
Pipe clamps for fiber filter: DN30
TD for measurement accessories
Technical data
Operating temperature: 0 - + 45 °C
Rel. humidity: max. 90 % at 40 °C, non-condensing)
Storage temperature: + 20 to + 65 ° C
dinodos START pump
Technical data
Mains voltage: 230 V , 50/60 Hz
Power consumption max.: approx. 16 VA
Protection class: IP 65
Dimensions housing (w x h x d): approx. 170 x 90 x 130 mm
Weight of pump: approx. 1.5 kg
Permissible ambient temperature: +10 to +45 oC
Drive:Stepper motor
Pump hose: compl. with connection pieces for suction line 4/6
Capacity max.:approx. 0.045 - 9.0 l/h (infinitely adjustable) at a counter-pressure of max. 1.5 bar.
Speed range: 0.01 rpm up to 100 rpm
Frequency range pulses: 0.02 pulse/sec. - 1 pulse/sec.
Suction lift max.:1.80 m
Operation:output infinitely adjustable via two potentiometers
Drive (I):via voltage free contact input (NOC)
or drive (II):via power input 4-20 mA (4mA=0%, 20mA=100%)
or drive (III):via power input 20-4 mA (4mA=100%, 20mA=0%)
or drive (IV)Frequency control
Empty warning connection:Normally closed contact / normally open contact (switchable)
Hose leak detection:Integrated contacts in pump housing
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PC DYNAMICS free chlorine/redox/pH

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