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dinodos START LEVEL BUS, capacity 0 - 1200 ml/h

dinodos START LEVEL BUS, capacity 0 - 1200 ml/h Peristaltic dosing pump for dinotecNET+, wall mounting case

Article no. 0220-283-90

dinotec START LEVEL BUS dosing pump, dosing amount 0-1,200 ml/h, bus-controlled stepper motor peristaltic dosing pump for a precise and uninterrupted dosing of water care products and other liquid media used in water treatment, also with high temperatures and outgasing media. Drive with stepper motor with variable digital speed control, the flow rate can be controlled and limited via the bus. Integrated hydro-pneumatic level measurement for an accurate display of levels and an easy parameterization of maximum fill levels, entry of warning and alert thresholds in dinotecNET+ applications. Control, transmission of information and 24 V power supply via the dinotec bus cable. Connection to the dinotecNET+ control system. Automatic hose leak detection in case of a leakage in the dosing pump hose. The pump is suitable for continuous operation and is equipped with a thermal protection. The operating conditions are signalled via LEDs. Manual control on front panel for an autonomous operation of the pump when no bus is connected.
Technical data
Plastic housing, in mm:95 x 151 x 130 (wxhxd)
Supply voltage: nominal 24 V (20 - 30 V) via dinotec NET+ bus
Connection:2 x circular connector M12 4-pin for dinotecNET+ bus connector
Power consumption max.:approx. 16 VA
Protection class:IP 65
Weight of pump:approx. 1.5 kg
Permissible ambient temperature:5 to +45 °C
Drive:Stepper motor
Pump hose:compl. with connection pieces for suction line 4/6
Capacity max.:approx. 0 - 1200 ml/h (infinitely adjustable) at a counterpressure of max. 1.5 bar
Speed range:0.01 rpm up to 100 rpm
Frequency range pulses:0.02 pulse/sec. - 1 pulse/sec.
Suction lift max.:1.80m
Maximum length of pneumatic hose:3m
Control and operation:automatic via dinotec NET+ bus
Hose leak detection:with contacts integrated contacts in the pump casing
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dinodos START LEVEL BUS, capacity 0 - 1200 ml/h

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