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Carbondos Mini 300

Carbondos Mini 300 Capacity: max. 4 x 100 g/h, 300 l, up to 4 dosing pumps

Article no. 0250-530-00

Dosing system for dust-free powdered activated carbon, with suspension system and agitator. Dosage of the suspension by means of peristaltic pumps. In case of the Carbondos MINI 200 and 300 models, the dosing lines must be ordered separately for each filter. The delivery for each dosing line includes 4 spare pump hoses and the corresponding dosing line.
Technical data
Suspension system with container
Dosing control for up to 4 dosage pumps
Dosing tank: 300 liters
Dosing capacity:max. 4x100 g/h activated carbon in powder form
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Data sheet
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Carbondos Mini 300

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