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Easyfloc 12

Easyfloc 12 Flocculant dosing system, programmable

Article no. 0260-588-90

Easyfloc 12 - microprocessor-controlled programmable flocculent dosing system with display, dosage quantity max. 1200 ml/h. Version with peristaltic dosage pump for a precise and uninterrupted dosing of flocculant for treatment of water. Drive with self-priming stepper motor with variable digital speed control. No interruption of the dosing by outgasing air in the dosing medium. It is possible to preselect a dosing rate and a circulation rate via the manual operation option. Analog control input with variable definition of initial and final values ​​to adjust the dosing quantity to a variable circulation. Additional control input for dosing stop. Automatic hose leak detection in case of a leakage in the dosing pump hose. The pump is safe for continuous operation and features a thermal protection. The operating conditions are signalled via display symbols and LEDs.
Technical data
Plastic housing, in mm:95 x 151 x 130 (wxhxd)
Weight of pump: approx. 1.5 kg
Supply voltage: 230V (AC), 50/60 Hz
Cable cross section power supply:0.5 mm² - 0.75 mm²
Power consumption max.: approx. 16 VA
Protection class: IP 65
Display2-line display
Operation: Plastic foil keypad
Drive: Stepper motor
Capacity max.: approx. 0 - 1,200 ml/h at a counterpressure of max. 1.5 bar
Speed range: 0.01 rpm up to 100 rpm
Suction lift max.: 1.80 m
Hose leak detection: Integrated contacts in the pump casing
Pump hose: compl. with connectors for suction line 4/6
Pump hose diameter:4.8 mm
Length suction line:max. 3 m
Analog input: 0/4 - 20 mA or 20 - 0/4 mA for adaptation to variable circulation capacities
Floating input:Dosing stop
Floating input:Container empty warning
Floating output:Alarm
Contact load:Max. 30V / 1A
Interfaces: RS 485 to dinotec BUS
Permissible operating temperature: 5 to +45 °C
Permissible storage temperature: -20 to +65 °C
Relative humiditymax. 90 % at 40°C, (non-condensing)
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Easyfloc 12

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