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din-o-zon VARIO V2

din-o-zon VARIO V2 Производительность: 2 г/час озон

Article no. 0610-341-90

din-o-zon VARIO V2 complete systems for elimination of microorganisms and a further disintegration of organic impurities using the slip-stream process. Compact construction with switch cabinet, ozone generator, mixing module, injector with diaphragm check valve and second ball check valve, reaction tank incl. mixing device, automatic ventilation, residual ozone destructor with booster pump and connection set, accessories kit incl. initial filling of activated charcoal, pre-assembled at the factory on stable plastic chassis with adjustable feet, completely wired electrically and ready for operation. A gas detector is not required. Fulfills the requirements of DIN 19627
Technical data
Ozone generator
Ozone output: 2 g/h
Current consumption: 0.125 kW
Booster pump: IN-V 2-40
Pump capacity: 4 m³/h
Current consumption: max. 0.55 kW
Motor power: 0.55 kW
Circulation volume: approx. 4 m³/h
Overall electrical connection: approx. 0.8 kW
Supply voltage: 220-240 V / 50Hz, 1.1 kW
Dimensions (h x w x d): 1280 x 540 x 420 mm
Weight: approx. 55 kg
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din-o-zon VARIO V2

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