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Photolyser 300

Photolyser 300 Digital photometer in carrying case

Article no. 0810-470-90

The Photolyser 300 is a digital photometer for measurement of the most important parameters in pool water treatment. The measured values are determined (within an appropriate measurement spectrum) with parameter-specific reagents and the use of standardised, internationally recognised photometric analysis methods. Light source is a special LED that is characterised by a wavelength selectivity with long-term stability and a low power consumption. It is possible to print the measured values via a direct printer connection. The Photolyser 300 is supplied in a case providing sufficient space for all accessories like measuring tubes, reagents, plugs, etc.
Technical data
Measured parameters:
1. Bromine 0 - 10.0 mg/l <br />2. Total hardness 0 - 500 mg/l <br />3. Chlorine0 - 5.0 mg/l <br />4. pH value6.0 ? 8.3 pH <br />5. dinofresh0 - 20 mg/l <br />6. Ozone1.0 mg/l <br />7. Cyanuric acid0 - 100 mg/l <br />8. Acid capacity KS 4.3 0 - 5 mmol
Dimensions:158 x 95 x 55 mm (l/w/h)
Weight: approx. 0.34 kg
Interfaces:Printer connection
Power supply:4 x 1.5 volt battery AA Power adapter 9 V
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Photolyser 300

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