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Chlorox 2000

Chlorox 2000 Компактная установка - по производству диоксида хлора

Article no. 1800-080-00

System for an intermittent production of a dosing solution with a content of 2 g chlorine dioxide /l solution, produced according to the chlorite/acid process. Production capacity is 25 l chlorine dioxide solution/h. Storage tank capacity: 50 l. Corresponds to a productive capacity of 50 g/h and a storage quantity of 100 g chlorine dioxide, related to the pure active component. Including all system components in free standing and self-supporting plastic chassis. Use of chemically resistant and process-compatible materials such as PVC-U and LDPE. The operating states are visualised via a plain text display. With just a few simple steps the product tanks for Chlorox N and Chlorox S can be replaced when they are used up.
Technical data
Dimensions: 880 x 490 x 1450 (lxwxh)
Empty weight: 45 kg
Supply voltage: 230 V / 50 Hz
Connected load: approx. 22 W
Water connection: ¾ " outside thread
Storage container chlorine-dioxide: 50 liters
Productive capacity: approx. 50 g chlorine dioxide/h
Product concentration: approx. 2 g chlorine dioxide/h
Fault indication contact: potential-free
Empty-warning contact: potential-free
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Chlorox 2000

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