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MC40 MotorControl 4kW, 400V

MC40 MotorControl 4kW, 400V complete unit

Article no. 2530-010-00

Motor control for a remotely and timed-controlled switching of all consumer loads with 400/230V up to 4 kW with integrated motor protection, for connection of 1-phase or 3-phase pumps, lighting, UV systems etc. Alarm input for potential-free thermal motor protection contact and electric motor protection by continuous current measurement. Adjustment of the nominal current monitoring either via the control panel or (in autonomous mode) via an internal potentiometer. Continuous measurement of current and voltage to record the consumer load performance in bus operation. All functions run independently, even without bus operation. It is possible to adapt settings via the bus. In addition, a cyclical interval for the time control can be defined via the bus. Used for control of attractions Switching input for pneumatic switch(es) for switching of attractions from the pool, with integrated pneumatic-electric changeover switch. A potential-free switching input for push-buttons also allows the use of a second electrical switching signal. The second attraction can be switched off before the set time is over by pressing the button a second time. Switching of the attractions is time-controlled. Adjustment of the time either via the control panel or (in autonomous mode) via an internal potentiometer. Safety during servicing and maintenance Manual control on front panel for an autonomous operation of the consumer when in manual mode or when no bus is connected. The manual mode is activated automatically when there is a failure of the system bus. High safety level (protection against accidents) during service and maintenance works through integrated manual main switch for an all-pole power disconnection (maintenance switch).
Technical data
Plastic housing (h x w x d): 207 mm x 188 mm x 94 mm
Conductor cross section of AC terminals: 1.5 mm² - 4.0 mm²
Conductor cross section of DC terminals: 0.25 mm² - 1.0 mm²
Terminal version: Screw-type terminal max. 16 A
Hose diameter (pressure sensor): DI 2.5 mm
Electrical characteristics
Max. mains supply voltage (AC): 3x 400V AC +N / 50-60 Hz / 10/12 A
Max. switching capacity: 4.0 kW
Adjustment range motor protection (AC): 0.5 ? 10A / 12A
Voltage supply (bus): 20 - 30 V DC (nominal 24V)
dinotecNET+ bus connection DC: 2 x circular connector M12 4-pin
Max. power consumption (bus): 6 W
Switching input toggle function (NOC): potential-free switching contact
Switching input (NCC): External thermal motor protection
Adjustable switch-off delay: 10 sec. - 120 min.
Ambient temperature: 0 to +50 °C
Protection class: IP 65
Weight: 1.70 kg
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MC40 MotorControl 4kW, 400V

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