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How often should I clean my filter sand?

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I have a deviation between the manual pH measurement (measuring tape, colorimetric measurement or Photolyser) and the display in the measuring and control device.

  • Error in colorimetric measurement with phenol red indicator (deviation up to 0.4 pH) due to salt
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The pH value of the device differs from the manual measurement

  • Incorrectly performed manual measurement
  • Probe dirty or aged
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My AquaCat does not climb walls

  • Filter bag full
  • pH value is too high
  • Biofilm on walls
  • Device too heavy (AquaCat 3000 and Viking TURBO)
  • Drive belts loose
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An "Alarm" LED is flashing on my measuring and control device, and/or the display "Sample water alarm" or "Sample water error", the dosing is interrupted.

  • The sample water monitoring in the flow valve has responded.
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