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The pool walls In my swimming pool/pool are slippery.

  • Algae growth on pool walls due to insufficient disinfection.
  • Bacteria growth on pool walls due to insufficient disinfection.
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The pool walls in my swimming pool/pool are rough

  • White lime deposits due to lime precipitation with pH levels higher than 7.8
  • brown deposits, caused by diatoms
  • Brown deposits in pool water due to iron (TIP: put a rag soaked with Metal EX or the edge of a freshly cut lemon on the deposits. If the colour changes to a lighter tone, it is iron)
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The content of combined chlorine in my swimming pool/pool is too high (> 0.2 mg/l).

  • High organic loads in the water, insufficient or too infrequent backwash with an appropriate addition of fresh water, poor or inadequate flocculation.
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When swimming in my swimming pool/pool, there is a chlorine odour and there have been skin and eye irritations.

  • Too much combined chlorine in the water.
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I have a correct chlorine level, but the water is green

  • pH value is too high
  • Cyanuric acid too high, causing a measurement error
  • Metal enrichment in water
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