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pH compensation for chlorine measurement (free chlorine, potentiostatic)

EXAMPLE: If the pH value changes from 7.1 pH to 7.3 pH, the value of the free chlorine measurement changes from 0.50 mg/l to 0.46 mg/l. Modern measuring and control devices provide a software-controlled chlorine level compensation of the measured pH value.

pH value

A characteristic number of the alkaline (basic), acidic or neutral nature of aqueous solutions. A pH value of 7 is called "neutral", since the alkaline and acid content are balanced. A solution with a pH below 7 is acidic (acid), a solution with a pH above 7 is alkaline (lye).

Phenol red

Reagent tablet or liquid fro checking the pH level of water. In case of high salt contents in the sample water, the measurement of phenol red may deviate from an electrical measurement by up to 0.4 pH (caused by an increased salinity in the water).


Phosphates are the salts of the phosphoric acid PO4-. They provide food for algae and aquatic plants.


Very precise electronic device for measuring a variety of parameters in pool water, but for the private sector often too expensive. dinotec: Photolyser 300, Photolyser 400.
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