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Pulse frequency controller - proportional

The pulse frequency controller is a controller in which is the output variable is available only as pulse signal. The frequency of this pulse signal changes depending on the control deviation. The dosing device converts the pulse signal to dosing strokes.

Pulse length controller - proportional

The pulse length controller is a switching regulator. The output variable is only available as a switching condition ON or OFF. The ratio of on-time and off time, and thus also of running and pause time of dosing device, changes in direct proportion to the control deviation.

Redox potential (ORP)

It represents the balance between the disinfectant (oxidative) power and impurities such as bacteria or organic loads (reducing power). If the disinfecting component predominates, a positive measuring value is obtained in mV. A guideline value to be maintained in accordance with DIN 19643 is 750 mV. This provides a very efficient means of validating the disinfection reserve of swimming pool water. In public pools, this value serves only as an auxiliary parameter. Free chlorine must be measured selectively in this case.

Reverse osmosis

In reverse osmosis, a semi-permeable membrane is used to remove suspended solids and dissolved salts from the water. In reverse osmosis, a large portion of the water is flushed over the membrane, and carries out the undesirable substances with the so-called sludge water. A certain amount of osmotic pressure is required to clean the water through the membrane. In order to obtain clean water, three to ten times the amount of water is required. The amount of water consumed depends on the membrane and the pressure.

Shock disinfection in case of manual dosing

Short-term increase of the disinfectant concentration to eliminate existing microbiological or organic impurities. Swimming in the pool should be avoided during a shock disinfection. dinotec Nova Power is a special chlorine preparation for shock treatment, which quickly reaches a high chlorine concentration and degrades quickly.
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